OISC Training


OISC Level 1

OISC training at this level consists of basic applications permitted within the Immigration Rules. Where cases become complicated or an application is refused, an adviser must refer a client to a higher level adviser as soon as possible.

OISC level 2

OISC training at Level 2 gives advisors a more rounded knowledge of immigration and are allowed to also handle appeals in the case of a refusal.  A level 2 advisor is also able to advise upon asylum work.

OISC Level 3

OISC training at level 3 gives advisor’s knowledge in  advocacy in relation to immigration and therefore is able to represent his/her clients within the courts.

When we look at OISC training we instantly think of passing the regulated OISC examinations in place to show our ability.  One point which is often overlooked by immigration advisers is the practical knowledge needed to practice at various levels within the OISC.

At the immigration college we take a two tiered approach.  We firstly look at the academic knowledge required for an individual to pass the OISC exams.  We stick closely to the syllabus as stated by the OISC to ensure a sound level of understanding at each level.

We also provide solid practical understanding of the type of work which is expected to be performed at certain levels.  Going through application forms, appeals and various other scenarios to clearly show participants the day to day work load of an immigration adviser.  We aim to produce a confident and skilled advisers enhancing the reputation of our institution.

We have OISC training courses which are geared to helping individuals become accredited at their chosen level.  Our courses are usually organised around the working week.  For further information upon our course times please click here, or give us a call upon 0845 519 6284.

OISC Immigration training